School of Architecture and Civil Engineering

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Recent Journal articles

Sieben, A., Seyfried, A.
Inside a life-threatening crowd: Analysis of the Love Parade disaster from the perspective of eyewitnesses. Safety science 166 (2023): 106229.

Küpper, M., Seyfried, A.
Waiting in crowded places: influence of number of pedestrians, waiting time and obstacles. J. R. Soc. Interface 20: 20230193. (2023)

Küpper,M.; Seyfried, A.
Identification of social groups and waiting pedestrians at railway platforms using trajectory data
PlosOne (2023)

Paetzke, S; Boltes, M; Seyfried, A.
Influence of individual factors on fundamental diagrams of pedestrians
Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications (2022)

Küpper, M. ; Seyfried, A.
Analysis of Space Usage on Train Station Platforms Based on Trajectory Data
Sustainability 12, no. 20: 8325 (2020) [online]

Andresen, E. ; Chraibi, M. ; Seyfried, A. A Representation of Partial Spatial Knowledge: A Cognitive Map Approach for Evacuation SimulationsTransportmetrica / A n/a, 1 - 34 (2018) [online]

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