School of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Traffic modeling and traffic flow theory

BVWING 2021- 2.4-b Fundamentals of traffic flow theory

Contents: - Economic and social significance of traffic congestion - Congestion and stop-and-go waves as collective phenomena - Macroscopic and microscopic descriptions of traffic flow (density, flow and speed) - Methods for measuring traffic density, flow and speed - Introduction to the fundamental diagram - Models of the fundamental diagram and influencing factors such as weather, lighting, etc.

BVWING 2021- 2.4-c Measurement and interpretation of traffic flow data

The project is carried out in groups of around three to four students using video technology to conduct field studies on car, bicycle and pedestrian traffic. This may include measurements of the fundamental diagram (traffic density, flow and speed) or route selection. The collected data is analyzed, modeled and interpreted using self-programmed algorithms, and students learn how to apply the measurement methods and assess the influence of the measurement procedure on the results. This gives students the skills to critically discuss the results and their applicability. At the end of the project, each group presents its results and also documents them in a written report.

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