School of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Current third-party funded projects

CroMa: Crowd management in transport infrastructures

The aim of the CroMa project is to achieve greater robustness, safety and performance of railroad stations during peak loads through improved structural regulations, suitable crowd management and adapted cross-organizational instructions. more

Completed third-party funded projects

Project BaSiGoBuilding blocks for the security of major events

The joint project "BaSiGo - Building blocks for the security of major events" aims to identify decisive improvements in connection with the security of major events and to create practicable, sustainable solutions for the players involved. more

Project HermesResearchinto an evacuation assistant in the event of a crisis at major events

The aim of the joint project "Hermes" was to improve the safety of people in large, multifunctional buildings as well as at major outdoor events by researching an evacuation assistant. more

DFG project on pedestrian dynamicsEdge effects and non-equilibrium states in pedestrian dynamics

In this project, funded by the German Research Foundation, fundamental phenomena of pedestrian dynamics were investigated. The focus was on the relationship between the speed and density of a pedestrian flow and movement through bottlenecks. more

DFG ProjectQuantitative description of congestion formation in pedestrian flows

For the planning of escape routes in buildings or large events, reliable specifications and tools for the dimensioning of pedestrian facilities are required. The aim of our research approach is to achieve a reliable and quantitative description of congestion formation through experiments and modeling. more

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