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    Teilnahme an wissenschaftlichen Experimenten im Rahmen eines Promotionsprojektes zum Thema... [more]
  • Workshop 2019
    "Digitale Technologien" mit dem Raspberry Pi 3 [more]
  • Datenanalyse mit Python
    Zeit: Nach Absprache (2 SWS ab KW 44) Ort: Campus Haspel Wer: Alle Interessierten (Ba., Ma., PhD,... [more]
  • Einführung in das wissenschaftliche Schreiben
    Hilfen und Empfehlungen zur Erstellung von Abschlussarbeiten [more]
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    Brand- und Evakuierungssimulation [more]
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Externally funded projects

CroMa: Crowd Management in Public transportation infrastructures

The CroMa-Project is focused on the development and enhancement of strategies, such as building regulations, crowd management and innovative action strategies, to increase the efficiency of railway stations during peak load and to avoid crushes in the event of critical crowd densities.





Completed externally funded projects

Safety and Security Modules for Large Public Events

The planning and execution of large public events pose great challenges for the organizers. To improve the safety of such events, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is funding the BaSiGo project starting from 1 March 2012.

The main goal of BaSiGo is to develop a guideline for security concepts of large public events. Results from the successfully completed research projects of the "Research Programme for Civil Security", such as Hermes, EVA, VeRSiert und SiKomm, will be incorporated. more

Investigation of an evacuation assistant for use in emergencies during large-scale public events

The collaborative Hermes project aimed to improve safety for people in large multifunctional buildings and also at big events by exploring the effectiveness of an evacuation assistant. more

DFG project
Boundary Effects and Non-Equilibrium States in Pedestrian Dynamics - Experiments and Modeling

The collective dynamic of pedestrians is a lively field of research. It has an important application for the design of pedestrian facilities, ranging from Level of Service concepts to guarantee the compliance with safety regulations. Thus the number of models for pedestrian dynamics has grown in the past years, but the experimental data to test them and to distinguish between these models is still to a large extent controversial and contradictory. more