Computersimulation für Brandschutz und Fußgängerverkehr

Pedestrian simulation (CSiS)

The course is part of the Computer Simulation in Science (CSiS) programme and will be delivered entirely in English. You can access all course materials on Moodle. The access password will be provided during the first lecture.

We’ll dive into pedestrian dynamics, exploring various mathematical models and basic concepts like movement, routing, and interactions through simulations. Expect a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical insights from experiments and empirical methods, enriching your learning with real-world applications.

A major portion of the course is hands-on: weekly simulation projects using JuPedSim (

Requirements: Solid programming skills in Python and familiarity with using the terminal.
Our journey begins on 11.10.2023 at 09:00.

For questions and requests for admission in the Moodle course, please contact Dr. Mohcine Chraibi m.chraibi[at]


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